Don't let language be the barrier between you and your customers

SitCompanion's ChatGPT powered chatbots speak your customer's language.

Understanding your content

SiteCompanion uses AI to process your website's content. This means that whatever it learns, it fully understands. No matter the language, every piece of information is processed and added to your bot's knowledge base.

Listening to your customers

Your chatbot will reply in the same language it gets addressed in. It will process the question in the very same way it processed your content, and will try to find answers in the knowledge it got from training with your data. It does so in a clever way without having the words or language to match with the original training data.

Limitless business opportunities without the hassle

With's multilingual support capabilities, businesses can transcend linguistic barriers and deliver exceptional service to customers worldwide. Embrace the power of multilingual communication with, and unlock a world of possibilities for your business's global endeavors.


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