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Bulk upload training questions

Mon Nov 27 2023

It is now possible to upload an Excel or CSV file with training questions. This allows you to bulk-upload and instantly train your bot instead of adding the training questions one by one.

Javascript Rendered Content is now parsed correctly

Thu Nov 09 2023

Nowadays, many web pages use JavaScript to render HTML. Our new web scraper has JavaScript enabled and uses the fully rendered result to add to your bot's knowledge. This means all your VueJS, React, Angular based applications are no longer excluded from benefiting from SiteCompanion.

Communication improvements

Wed Nov 08 2023

A welcome email message is now sent to new users upon registration. With an introduction to the developer and creator of SiteCompanion, the wish is to make it as easy as possible for users to reach out with feedback and suggestions

Portal improvements

Mon Nov 06 2023

It is now possible to search your data sources and training questions. This makes it easier for users who manage long lists of sources or questions.

Message limiting per IP address

Wed Nov 01 2023

With our plans enforcing limits on the amount of messages per month, having a limit to the amount of messages each user can send is a way of having more control over the service. With the message limiting feature, you can set a limit to the amount of messages your bot accepts per IP address in a certain amount of time.

Clickable URLs in chat messages

Thu Oct 26 2023

It is not uncommon for a question or answer to contain a URL. From now on, links are automatically recognized and transformed into clickable links.

PDF files by URL are now accepted

Wed Oct 25 2023

Uploading PDF files has been possible since launch. However, adding PDf files by URL was not yet supported. It now is, allowing online hosted PDF files to be processed as well.

Added feature: Training Questions

Tue Oct 24 2023

With the new training question feature, you can add question-answer combinations which your bot uses as added knowledge when answering questions.

This is a perfect addition to the already available training methods of using web page URLs and PDF files.

Streamed responses are finally there

Mon Oct 23 2023

SiteCompanion now uses streamed responses!

With streamed responses, users no longer have to wait for the full response to be generated before they are presented with text. Results appear on the screen as they are generated.

Embed option added

Sat Oct 21 2023

Besides the standard chat-bubble implementation, users can now also embed a chat-window onto an individual web page. This uses an iframe and is equally simple to install.

New feature: Edit Bot Instructions

Thu Oct 19 2023

Users can now edit the base-behaviour of their bot by editing the bot instructions. This can help change the tone-of-voice in which the bot responds, and allows for basic business logic to be included in the bot's knowledge.

Sitemap Validation added

Wed Oct 18 2023

A sitemap URL is pre-processed and validated before submission. This prevents invalid sitemap files to be added.

SiteCompanion has launched! 🚀

Sat Oct 14 2023

After thorough testing, SiteCompanion now is available for the public.

SiteCompanion is not just another chatbot solution; it's a dynamic tool that turns your website content into interactive conversations. Whether you're looking to enhance user experience, automate customer support, or streamline information access, SiteCompanion has you covered.