Optimizing Customer Support with SiteCompanion

Empower Your Business with AI-Driven Solutions for Efficient Customer Assistance.

A 24/7 available support agent

No longer rely on agents being online and available for answering customer's questions. SiteCompanion serves as your reliable 24/7 support agent, always available to assist your customers instantly. With its AI-driven capabilities, the chatbot ensures responses in just seconds to any customer inquiry, providing round-the-clock support and guidance. Say goodbye to long response times and hello to an always-on, responsive customer support solution that enhances overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Maximum Query Resolution

SiteCompanion knows about your business, whether it is a key feature or a minor detail. Whatever customers want to know: if it's written somewhere on your website, your bot will know about it.

AI powered and intelligent

With ChatGPT as the core of SiteCompanion, natural language and conversational querying can be used for the customer to resolve their queries. SiteCompanion is forgiving when it comes to typos and understands chat messages just as a real agent would. Even if there is no exact quote to be found on the question asked, our bots will try to combine multiple blocks of information to craft the best answer. All of this while minimizing the risk of made-up information.

Bring Your Customer Support To A Higher Level

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